General Exhibition Award Winners, Western Australia, 2016

This report lists the General Exhibition Award winners for the selected year, along with the school that they attended and their rank order (as determined by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority).

General Exhibitions are awarded by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority to the top 50 eligible students with the highest average scaled marks in five ATAR subjects and/or courses. At least two of the subjects must be from the humanities/social sciences and the mathematics/sciences lists.

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1 General Exhibition 1 REVELL, CAITLIN JANE Perth Modern School Subiaco
2 General Exhibition 2 GHARBI, KAYVAN Trinity College East Perth
3 General Exhibition 3 ANDERSON LOAKE, MAX Hale School Wembley Downs
4 General Exhibition 4 ANDERSON, BENNETT Christ Church Grammar School Claremont
5 General Exhibition 5 SONG, JANE EUNYOUNG Melville Senior High School Melville
6 General Exhibition 6 LI, LEO Christ Church Grammar School Claremont
7 General Exhibition 7 GREEN, REBECCA MARY Perth Modern School Subiaco
8 General Exhibition 8 CARBONE, SAMUEL Trinity College East Perth
9 General Exhibition 9 COLLIER, EVELYN John XXIII College Mt Claremont
10 General Exhibition 10 BOON, SARAH LAUREN Applecross Senior High School Ardross
11 General Exhibition 11 TAN, NICOLE PEI-TING Perth Modern School Subiaco
12 General Exhibition 12 GANGULY, ADITYA Hale School Wembley Downs
13 General Exhibition 13 MIZZI, HANNAH St Marys Anglican Girls School Karrinyup
14 General Exhibition 14 SCIORILLI, CAITLIN Santa Maria College Melville
15 General Exhibition 15 SRINIVASAN, SHAMINI St Marys Anglican Girls School Karrinyup
16 General Exhibition 16 CHEN, YANG Hale School Wembley Downs
17 General Exhibition 17 KNIGHT, ELIZABETH JEAN Perth Modern School Subiaco
18 General Exhibition 18 PIZZINO, NICHOLAS Christ Church Grammar School Claremont
19 General Exhibition 19 CLEMENTS, MELISSA Perth College Mt Lawley
20 General Exhibition 20 CHENG, ALAN Perth Modern School Subiaco
21 General Exhibition 21 KALNENAS, CELESTE St Hildas Anglican School for Girls Mosman Park
22 General Exhibition 22 WAIT, MADISON St Marys Anglican Girls School Karrinyup
23 General Exhibition 23 BARBER, LUKE All Saints College Willetton
24 General Exhibition 24 WIFFEN, ELOISE Presbyterian Ladies College Peppermint Grove
25 General Exhibition 25 SINGLETON, EMILY Methodist Ladies College Claremont
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