All Student Awards, Merits and Prizes, South Australia, 2016

This report lists the names of the students who received an award, merit or prize of any kind.

25 of 1351 entries are shown.
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1 Mishra, Kritika   SA Merit English Studies
2 Vandemeulengraaf, Bethany   SA Merit Mathematical Applications
3 Kildare, Jordan Alan Christopher   SA Merit Physics
4 Williams, Ciara   SA Merit Child Studies
5 Eckermann, Ruby   SA Merit Research Project B
6 Rosmini, Giorgia   SA Merit Research Project B
7 Bagley, Brayden James   SA Merit Visual Arts - Design
8 Hurley, Sarah Jane   SA Merit Legal Studies
9 Giardini, Matthew   SA Merit Modern History
10 Chard, Jack Oliver   SA Merit Business and Enterprise
11 Amici, Keisha Scarlett   SA Merit Research Project B
12 Dick, Isabelle   SA Merit English Communications
13 Lu, Amy   SA Merit Research Project B
14 Nihill, Haydn   SA Merit Scientific Studies
15 Smith, Lucy Mae   SA Merit Food and Hospitality
16 Brine, Joshua   SA Merit Mathematical Studies
17 Bateman, Madison Kate   SA Merit Biology
18 Bryksin, Valerie   SA Merit Psychology
19 Jenner, Dalyce Kate   SA Merit Cross-Disciplinary Studies
20 Heath, Sophie   SA Merit Research Project B
21 Spurrier, Phoebe Jane   SA Merit Research Project B
22 So, Le Wen Lowell   SA Merit Workplace Practices
23 Blinman, Sallie Brooke   SA Merit Mathematical Applications
24 Wei, Michael You-Hong   SA Merit Nutrition
25 Goddard, Joshua   SA Merit Chemistry
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